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Ashley at Oh Hello Lovely is a dear friend of mine, and I was so ecstatic to hear the news that her and Tyler were expecting! After shooting their announcement back in December, we had been exchanging ideas of her Baby Shower via email… and I knew her close attention to detail and her love of all things pretty would take this Shower to the next level. To put things lightly, everything was simply stunning – as we all knew it would be! She fully styled and decorated her cousins home in Calgary, complete with mini donuts, florals and homemade pie from her Mum! Guests even took home a cute bag of popcorn!

2017-06-13_0002P I N I T 2017-06-13_0003P I N I T 2017-06-13_0026P I N I T

2017-06-13_0008P I N I T 2017-06-13_0037P I N I T 2017-06-13_0015P I N I T 2017-06-13_0014P I N I T 2017-06-13_0010P I N I T 2017-06-13_0011P I N I T 2017-06-13_0013P I N I T 2017-06-13_0016P I N I T 2017-06-13_0017P I N I T 2017-06-13_0018P I N I T 2017-06-13_0024P I N I T 2017-06-13_0012P I N I T 2017-06-13_0023P I N I T 2017-06-13_0025P I N I T 2017-06-13_0032P I N I T 2017-06-13_0035P I N I T 2017-06-13_0036P I N I T 2017-06-13_0034P I N I T 2017-06-13_0020P I N I T 2017-06-13_0033P I N I T 2017-06-13_0009P I N I T 2017-06-13_0031P I N I T 2017-06-13_0030P I N I T 2017-06-13_0029P I N I T 2017-06-13_0038P I N I T 2017-06-13_0007P I N I T 2017-06-13_0027P I N I T 2017-06-13_0040P I N I T 2017-06-13_0041P I N I T 2017-06-13_0039P I N I T 2017-06-13_0019P I N I T 2017-06-13_0004P I N I T 2017-06-13_0005P I N I T 2017-06-13_0006P I N I T 2017-06-13_0021P I N I T 2017-06-13_0028P I N I T

Donuts: Pretty Sweet Co.

Cookies: Sugar Shimmer

Florals: Amborella

Stationary: Rifle Paper Co.

After Ashley’s beautiful baby shower, we headed down to Fish Creek park to take a few maternity portraits where Ashley wore a beautiful knee high blue dress, complete with a flower crown full of her faves <3 Thank you both for including me to capture such a special time!

And biggest Congratulations on the arrival of Parker, early in the morning of June 10, 2017!

2017-06-13_0046P I N I T 2017-06-13_0045P I N I T 2017-06-13_0043P I N I T 2017-06-13_0047P I N I T 2017-06-13_0051P I N I T 2017-06-13_0042P I N I T 2017-06-13_0052P I N I T 2017-06-13_0050P I N I T 2017-06-13_0044P I N I T 2017-06-13_0048P I N I T

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The CBP Community Workshop


This was my second CBP workshop and I went into it with an open discussion, pushing focus on how to tackle Styled Sessions and Posing. We sat through a mini slideshow presentation in the morning complete with a LIVE edit… Then went straight to shooting!

The Acreage Weddings Church is a hidden gem I recently discovered on Facebook and it was love at first sight. I immediately blew up Faith’s inbox wanting to know more about her amazing location, and she was incredible and SO much fun to work with! We had Laura from Birch and Bunny who was hands on to completely design this amethyst goodness and can we all just take a moment to appreciate these perfectly hand-lettered agate slice name cards, the harvest table from SER and those incredible giant succulents!!! Everything was more than I could have hoped for, and I can’t thank everyone enough for making this another huge success! Also, huge thanks to the ladies who travelled from far away, to come spend the day learning with me. I had the best day!

Host: Chloe Buie Photography
Styling & Design: Birch & Bunny Weddings and Events
Venue: The Acreage Weddings
Cake: Sugar by Tracy
Florist: Calyx Floral Design
Vintage Rentals: Orange Trunk
Rentals: Special Event Rentals – Calgary
Dress: Durand Bridal
Jewellry: Lawlor Jewellry
Menswear: Ed Williams Mens Wear
Stationer: Modern Pulp Design Studio
Calligraphy & Agates: Debbie Wong Design
Makeup: Hailey Rayann Artistry
Hair: M. Co Hairstyling
Geodes: New Age
Female Model: Sarah Male model: Alden
Videographer: Taylor Marko Videography

2017-06-12_0012P I N I T 2017-06-12_0011P I N I T 2017-06-12_0010P I N I T TEASER-2P I N I T 2017-06-12_0016P I N I T 2017-06-12_0017P I N I T TEASER-3P I N I T 2017-06-12_0009P I N I T 2017-06-12_0018P I N I T 2017-06-12_0019P I N I T 2017-06-12_0020P I N I T 2017-06-12_0032P I N I T 2017-06-12_0031P I N I T 2017-06-12_0030P I N I T
2017-06-12_0013P I N I T 2017-06-12_0029P I N I T 2017-06-12_0028P I N I T 2017-06-12_0023P I N I T 2017-06-12_0026P I N I T 2017-06-12_0025P I N I T 2017-06-12_0027P I N I T 2017-06-12_0024P I N I T 2017-06-12_0044P I N I T 2017-06-12_0005P I N I T 2017-06-12_0043P I N I T 2017-06-12_0042P I N I T 2017-06-12_0041P I N I T 2017-06-12_0040P I N I T 2017-06-12_0037P I N I T 2017-06-12_0039P I N I T 2017-06-12_0038P I N I T 2017-06-12_0004P I N I T 2017-06-06_0018P I N I T 2017-06-06_0019P I N I T 2017-06-06_0017P I N I T 2017-06-06_0020P I N I T 2017-06-06_0003P I N I T 2017-06-06_0006P I N I T 2017-06-06_0005P I N I T 2017-06-13_0001P I N I T 2017-06-06_0007P I N I T 2017-06-06_0002P I N I T 2017-06-06_0001P I N I T 2017-06-06_0033P I N I T 2017-06-06_0008P I N I T 2017-06-06_0009P I N I T 2017-06-06_0010P I N I T 2017-06-12_0006P I N I T 2017-06-06_0012P I N I T 2017-06-06_0013P I N I T 2017-06-06_0014P I N I T 2017-06-06_0015P I N I T 2017-06-06_0016P I N I T 2017-06-06_0025P I N I T 2017-06-06_0022P I N I T 2017-06-06_0034P I N I T 2017-06-06_0024P I N I T 2017-06-06_0030P I N I T TEASERP I N I T 2017-06-06_0021P I N I T 2017-06-06_0023P I N I T 2017-06-06_0032P I N I T 2017-06-06_0026P I N I T 2017-06-06_0028P I N I T 2017-06-06_0027P I N I T 2017-06-06_0029P I N I T 2017-06-12_0008P I N I T

We even had an adorable flower girl on set!

2017-06-12_0001P I N I T 2017-06-12_0035P I N I T 2017-06-12_0002P I N I T 2017-06-12_0036P I N I T

Some fun Behind the Scenes

2017-06-12_0045P I N I T 2017-06-12_0046P I N I T 2017-06-12_0054P I N I T 2017-06-12_0047P I N I T 2017-06-12_0053P I N I T 2017-06-12_0055P I N I T 2017-06-12_0049P I N I T 2017-06-12_0050P I N I T 2017-06-12_0048P I N I T
2017-06-12_0051P I N I T

Work it Faith!

2017-06-12_0052P I N I T




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5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Should Know

With photographing over 50 Weddings in 3 short years, I’ve seen it all! But I’ve also learned a lot along the way! Which has given me the tools to educate my couples and help serve them better. When you book your big day with me (yay!) I send a questionnaire to all my couples because I literally want to know EVERYTHING! And I’m here to share 5 tips/questions in that questionnaire, that us photographers should absolutely know before photographing your Wedding!


  1. 1. We want to know ALL the names!

We all know how terrible I am with names… so in my questionnaire I like to ask who your immediate family is and what everyones names are – this also includes your bridal party! I feel so much more confident in knowing who you are as a couple, by knowing your loved ones by name! If you have a big family, this is obviously a very difficult task on top of all the other things we have to remember… but being given this list of names prior to the big day gives us the chance to study it and know who each person is, which helps tremendously during family photos! Isn’t it much more suitable saying “Hey Karen!” rather then “Hey.. you!” 😉

2. Family Relationships

Now that I know who everyone is, I need to know if there is any family drama! Thats right. I can’t stress this one enough when it comes to family formals. If your family situation is unique, I need to know and be sensitive to that. We can’t have Mum and Dad who are divorced, asked to get all nice and cozy for a family picture – AWKWARD! I realize this is a personal issue that can be uncomfortable to talk about.. but it saves the unpleasantness that could occur later…. by me! I’m there to capture the best part of your relationships on your Wedding day, I need to know of any conflicts, big or small!

3. Choreographed Dances? Serenading your Bride? Tell me!

I think I speak for all photographers when I say we HATE being surprised on a Wedding day! No matter what you are planning, if it’s a secret or not, we absolutely need to know! Things such as a surprise dance thats choeographed needs special attention and preparation! It will need to be lit differently than a romantic first dance and I’ll need to know this is happening in order to transition and capture it the best way I can. Keeping these types of things secret, results in you losing out on those special shots being captured properly.

4. Dress Code

You can typically get a rough idea of the dress code just by looking at the theme of a wedding and where it is, but it’s also important just to double check on what is appropriate for your big day. Are you aiming for guests to dress formal? Semi-formal? Casual and laid back? It’s good for me to know! I like to look professional but not in ‘all black-name tag’ professional (You know I love my colourful kimonos!) I dress to compliment my style in a comfortable-moveable way, but I also don’t want to typically blend in with guests.  If the dress code is something specific, let me know!

5. Important Details

You’ve probably been planning your wedding and all those intricate details for at least a year… and after the day has come and gone, you’ll want these images to put into fruition all your hard work! Any details that weigh a little more than the rest, clue me in and let me know! Party favours or desserts made with love in Mum’s kitchen, or those DIY projects you spent all night creating with your bridesmaids. Any location that is sentimental? Or even if you’re wearing your late grandmothers brooch.. I want to photograph all these things that mean something to you!

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Calgary Photographers – Mike and Allison

I’ve known Allison through mutual friends of ours for a long time now.. and I was so thrilled to hear that her and Mike got engaged over the holidays! THEN I was jumping up and down in my office receiving a message that they’d love to have me document their big day!

Mike and Allison met online 3 years ago and let me tell you, they are the perfect match. He proposed on Sunday December 11 after insisting they take their adorable puppy Jersey out for a walk. It was a freezing cold day so Allison wasn’t too fond of going out in the cold, but she said she would only if they drove around town to donate warm clothing and give back to the community. It was one of those days where it was so cold that nobody was out on the streets.. so they headed to Riley Park since they were nearby. Allison made note that this was the park their Mum took them while she was growing up…  and as Allison was reminiscing about all her memories there, Mike said “why don’t we make a few more memories” and got down on one knee! So cute! Allison noted that what made that moment extra sweet was the fact that jersey sat down next to Mike as he was proposing…. d’aww!

These two will wed next year in front of all their friends and family in a boho/romantic rustic theme Wedding.. and I can’t WAIT to capture all the love. Biggest congratulations, friends!

2017-04-27_0001P I N I T 2017-04-27_0019P I N I T 2017-04-27_0003P I N I T 2017-04-27_0004P I N I T 2017-04-27_0020P I N I T 2017-04-27_0002P I N I T 2017-04-27_0006P I N I T 2017-04-27_0007P I N I T 2017-04-27_0008P I N I T 2017-04-27_0009P I N I T 2017-04-27_0010P I N I T 2017-04-27_0012P I N I T 2017-04-27_0014P I N I T 2017-04-27_0016P I N I T 2017-04-27_0013P I N I T 2017-04-27_0023P I N I T 2017-04-27_0015P I N I T 2017-04-27_0021P I N I T 2017-04-27_0018P I N I T 2017-04-27_0011P I N I T 2017-04-27_0017P I N I T

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I met Daniel and Zahara over drinks and Ice Cream back in Calgary and we hit things off pretty perfectly. We have lots in common, being avid animal lovers and activists… and hearing more about their story and what they do, you fall instantly in love with them not as a couple, but as people. To get to the point as to why I love these two so much, they rescue and save animals! When they’re not at their day jobs, they’re fighting, saving and loving animals of all shapes and sizes…. Mhmm I told you you’d love them:)

I headed out to Rosedale in late November of last year to see these two for their engagement session. They had a very specific spot in mind and I died when I saw it! During our session Zahara’s name got the best of me and it’s one of those names that I just couldn’t figure out how to say and stick with LOL I obviously know your name Zahara, but my lips fail me when it’s time to pronounce it… so we shared lots of laughs at my attempts hahaha I’m horrible with names guys!

Daniel and Zahara worked together and were friends for a little while before they started seeing each other in a different light at one of their Christmas parties… you know how that story goes haha and four years later they’ve been together ever since! Zahara was outside playing with their puppy Kuna when she saw Daniel step out with one of their cats. Immediately Zahara thought something was wrong with her or that she was hurt.. but Daniel walked over with a little ribbon on her… what seemed to be an unnerving moment… turned into an emotional and joyous one as Daniel popped the question! They’re both saying I do this Spring with a rustic/woodsy look to the big day and I can’t wait to see and hangout with you both in June!

2017-04-26_0004P I N I T 2017-04-26_0003P I N I T 2017-04-26_0001P I N I T 2017-04-26_0014P I N I T 2017-04-26_0002P I N I T 2017-04-26_0013P I N I T 2017-04-26_0005P I N I T 2017-04-26_0008P I N I T 2017-04-26_0006P I N I T 2017-04-26_0015P I N I T 2017-04-26_0011P I N I T 2017-04-26_0007P I N I T 2017-04-26_0010P I N I T 2017-04-26_0012P I N I T 2017-04-26_0009P I N I T 2017-04-26_0016P I N I T

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